Nothing delights a teacher more than witnessing phenomenal growth of his/her student. From a half & incomplete knowledge about stories to a good story creator, it is indeed a great journey with children which brought a drastic change in them with a boost in confidence. We have witnessed children becoming extroverts from an initial introverted behavior and mingled happily with the stories.

Thus, this experience, apart from all our previous experiences of storytelling and other sessions with children, stands to be the most memorable experience.

Dimple Solanki and Urja Doshi

Junior KG A

In this mega project-Stories, while telling stories we covered cultures, entertainment, education, information, moral values, virtual visit. During this project our understanding on theme Stories has diversified our knowledge. Now, Stories is not just a topic for narration, we have understood the detailed process of story creation which include beginning, middle and end. Further more Ms. Priti Shah updated children but about different elements of story This theme helped us to deliver lessons in such a way that helped children to understand about different genre and different components of the story I.e. character, setting, problem, solution etc. It was a big success for us when children negotiated themselves in different areas while creating story which reflects good understanding of stories.

Mital Raval and Smriti Jaiswal

Junior KG B

This was the first time where the project 'stories' was conducted virtually. Initially I was also not sure how the project would go virtually as we had very limited time for exploration because of the screen time. But as we proceeded, I realized that more or less the process is the same, only we need to be aware of all the things in advance and should be more vigilant in taking the responses of children and their interest. All the activities were planned keeping the virtual platform in mind and with parents' help in submitting the homework and suggested activities gave the sense of achievement in completing the project. I as a teacher felt hands-on experience was missing virtually which is the major part of the project, but overall it was a good virtual learning experience for me as well.

Priya Sant

Junior KG C

This was the first time that we did the project ‘Stories’ virtually. It was an amazing experience for both of us, because we learned new things along with technology. ‘Stories’ project touched our hearts. Not only teachers and students were part of the project, but parents' involvement is also highly appreciable. There were also few challenges that came across and we tried our level best to overcome those challenges with the help of team ‘Redbricks’. To our surprise we could complete the entire project and come up with the wonderful output which is visible on our Google site.

Jharna Matani and Puja Raval

Junior KG D

I feel great about this project being successfully completed with the teamwork of our teachers, our partnership with the parents along with the support and guidance from our mentors who helped us at every step to achieve this goal. It was a pleasure to see each team member working hard and being committed to showcase the outcome of the project through this site. The journey of my learning is no less as I learnt so many new things while researching with my team members and children. Overall I loved to be a part of this project of Junior KG.

Academic Coordinator: Pooja Kapur