Cognitive Development

Through the project approach, children exercise their questioning and reasoning skills. They develop their learning skills and research skills through first hand investigations, data collection and assimilating data to draw conclusions. Children use their observation and reasoning to understand the cause and effect relationships in the world around them. They develop their mathematical knowledge and skills through experiential activities such as counting, finding similarities and differences, classification, identifying patterns, representing data, and so on.

Children formed numbers using construction blocks

Let's learn a new number........!

Children solving the number puzzle collaboratively

Shivansh solving puzzle.mp4

Counting meaningfully

Recapitulating pre math vocabulary through pictures

Representation through Tally Marking

I have these many animal books at home

Reyansh counting the number of story books.mp4

Reyansh counting the number of story books

Mishti doing meaningful counting.mp4

Mishti doing meaningful counting

Jihan: " Red are less and pink are more".