Phase 2

Researching and investigating the world of stories

In phase 2 children learnt about different genres and elements of the stories. They acquired knowledge by first-hand investigations such as visiting a bookstore virtually and interacting with a story teller.They were introduced to different authors and their style of writing which helped them to visualize and create their own stories.

A virtual field trip to the Latitude Book store was arranged. Teachers live streamed the session from the field site. It was a novel experience for teachers as well as for the children. Children explored different genres of books, saw the reading corner which had stories depicted on the walls and also represented their thoughts in the form of representational drawings and mathematical representations.

Glimpses of the virtual field trip to 'Latitude' bookstore

Understanding of children about different types of stories Fables

Animal story depicted by Vansh Patel

Though some children were not aware about the different genres, they could relate to stories that were funny, stories in which animals talk, stories of God, stories about magic, stories of prince and princess.

Ansh Thakkar : An old lady who swallowed the fly was a funny story .

Vansh Patel: In our real-life magic cannot happen. He was making a web so he was tired. Caterpillar sea horse, sunflower, gorilla, lady bug, clouds, ducklings, chameleon, bear. They are found in fables . Aladdin ke pass one magical lamp hota hai magic story hai.

There were few who had a fair knowledge of genres.

Siddharth Bharathi :A gruffalo can talk it is fable story.

Unnati Bhatnagar : Cinderlla ki story fairy tale story hai.

Hanishi Shah: Animals story mei baat karte hai wo fables.

Raavya Darji: Animals. This is a fox. This is fable.

Stories depicted on the walls

Tally marking of genres explored and said by children

Representational Drawing of Virtual field trip to Latitude Book Store

Unnati Bhatnagar: I drew a minnie mouse

Sreenidhi Mishra : I drew small, medium and large magic wand.

Palvit Agrawal: I drew Latitude books store reading corner having cartoon pictures.

Kiyaan Agrawal: I drew book shelf, sitting area.

Post field visit responses of children

Amay Gupta : There were so many books in book store . God ki book thi, fairy tales thi . Ma'am ne caterpillar ki book show kari thi, ice-cream, cake . I like colourful pictures.

Amay Jain : Latitude is a book store. Hungry caterpillar and the very busy spider they don’t have same characters.

Jahnvi Thakar: Latitude is the book store field visit. The resource person talks about red hen.

Mythological stories bhagwan ki stories hoti hai.

Kiyaan Agrawal: I saw Paintings on the wall. Harry potter painting on the wall. Mattress and chair tha.

Palvit Agrawal: I saw Mythological books and animals story books, reading corner and book shelf in the last ma’am shown me very hungry caterpillar.

Siddharth: Teachers climbed up the stairs and come down to stairs to see Siddharth books and Appa books.

A resource person was invited where she illustrated stories and briefed about the elements of story and role of an author.

Now children had a fair idea about genres and elements of stories. They did an indepth study about the works of two authors "Eric Carle' and "Julia Donaldson" to get more clarity about deciding how a theme is selected and a how a story is woven around it.

Exploring different stories written by 'Eric Carle'

Sidhdharth Bharathi : Eric Carle is the author of The hungry caterpillar story

Garvit Kothari : Sare fruits khane ke baad caterpillar bada ho jata hai.

Pranaayta Patel: Eric Carle story mei insects.

Hanishi Shah: Spider did not answer because she was busy.

Samaira Shah: Spider ka house web.

Siddharth Bharathi: There were cow, horse, cow, sheep in the story.

Pranaayta Patel: Spider was busy making web, cow, sheep, goat and pig.

Garvit Kothari : Spider so gayi thi kyuki usako nind aa rahi thi.

Palvit Agrawal: The spider was tired as was making the web.

So was sleeping.

Garvit Kothari : sare animals spider ko bula rahe the but vo nai sunti thi.

Nishant: blue bear book (showing his book)

Amay Gupta : She was tired so she sleep.

Amay Jain: Spider tired.

Pranaayta Patel: Story narration of a very busy spider and clay work

Raavya Darji: New Vocabulary of the story the very hungry caterpillar

Vansh Patel: created the life cycle of butterfly .

Exploring stories by Julia Donaldson

Ansh Thakkar : Stick man story was a family story of stick man.

Vansh Patel -: Gruffalo has thorns on his body , with black tongue.

Amay Gupta : Fairy tales mei magic hota hai. Story mei magic broom hai.

Unnati Bhatnagar: Gruffalo lives in the jungle.

Ansh Thakkar: I made a stick man using ice cream sticks. I know Julia Donaldson is the author of the story.

Palvit Agrawal: I had made a witch on the broom from story Room on the Broom

Dhven Shah-: Giant in the story was king and helpful.

Raavya Darji: The characters in the story were animals Giraffe, fox, dog, mouse and goat.

Ansh Thakkar: Giant gave Giraffe his muffler, Fox his socks, Dog his belt , Mouse his shoes, goat his shirt.

Sreenidhi Mishra: The place is the town .

Amay Jain : The giant is singing song in the story.

Palvit Agrawal: The giant gave all his clothes to all animals phir bhi wo bahut happy tha.

Amay Gupta : Humko sabke saath ache se rahne chaiya aur sabki help karna chaiya.

Hanishi Shah: Woh apne olc clothes get karke very happy ho gaya.

Kiyaan Agrawal: He got a golden crown for helping animals.

After exploring different stories written by different authors it was time to create a story of their own and so it was important to decide upon the theme for their story. The children were divided into two small groups where each group created a story of their own.

Group 1 Story Creation

Deciding the theme

Children recalled the stories heard by them and related the themes in those stories

Children negotiated and decided the theme of the story with the help of voting and tally marking. They decided to focus on the theme of 'Magic'.

Hanishi Shah: Mujhe fairy tales wali story achi lagti hai . Cinderella wali magic wand.

Unnati Bhatnagar: Mujhe magical story achi lagti hai usme bahut magic hota hai.

Siddharth Bharathi: Magical Stories

Garvit Kothari: Friendship wali story achi lagti hai.

Pranaayta Patel: I like friend ship stories. We should help each other.

Jhanvi Thakar: Mujhe magical stories achi lagti hai.

Samaira Shah: Magical stories Alladin the magic lamp.

Anhad : Magical Stories

Deciding the characters

Hanishi Shah: 3 to 4 characters castle

Unnati Bhatnagar: 5 characters and magic

Siddharth Bharathi: 6 characters there should be Gruffalo

Garvit Kothari: Giant and fairy 6 characters.

Pranaayta Patel: 6 characters princess , superhero.

Jhanvi Thakar:. 3 to 4 characters

Samaira Shah: Princess and fairy 6 characters.

Anhad : 5 characters.

Deciding the setting

Hanishi Shah : This is my castle

Deciding the problem and solution of the story

Jahnvi Thakar: Giant was very big, aur princess use dar gayi

Unnati Bhatnagar: Giant has magic shop and Super hero saved princess.

Samaira Shah: Princess was scared from giant.

Siddharth Bharathi: Gruffalo, was ugly princess was scared.

Garvit Kothari: Fairies has a magic wand

Pranaayta Patel: Superhero ne princess ko Gruffalo se bachaya.

Hanishi Shah: Gruffalo princess ko cage me band kar diya

Anhad Barot: Super hero strong.

The children's story now took a form. They visualized and created individual blueprint for story presentation in the form of drawing. They named their story "Magic everywhere"

Pranaayta Patel: Drawing of the Princess

Garvit Kothari : Drawing of fairy with magic stick

Hanishi Shah: Drawing of princess

Materials for Model making and division of responsibilities was decided

Group 2 Story Creation Process

Deciding the theme

Children recalled the stories heard by them and related the themes in those stories

Some thoughts shared by children while selecting the theme for their own story.

Ansh Thakkar: I like very busy spider story. Hardworking

Kiyaan Agrawal: Spider bahut mehnat kar ki web banaya. Hard working hai

Sreenidhi Mishra: Ant help dove Friendship story

Palvit Agrawal: I like hardworking spider story

Raavya Darji: Friendship wali story mei mouse lion ki help ki

Amay Jain: Magic pot wali story has magic

Vansh Patel : Hardworking Little Red hen

Dhven Shah : Lazy lion hardworking spider.

Amay Jain: Mouse lion ko bahut parsan Kiya , uska friend ban gaya

Children negotiated and decided the theme of the story with the help of a tally marking activity and decided to focus on the theme of 'Hardworking'.

Ansh Thakkar: 4 to 6 characters spider should be there.

Kiyaan Agrawal: 6 characters

Sreenidhi Mishra: 3 to 4 characters

Palvit Agrawal: 4 to 5 characters

Raavya Darji: 7 to 10 characters

Amay Jain: 6 characters

Vansh Patel : 5 characters

Dhven Shah : 5 characters lion , spider

Amay Jain: 5 characters

Deciding the setting

Ansh Thakkar: Hard working spider in the farm story drawing

Deciding the problem and solution of the story

Kiyaan Agrawal: Mouse din bhar sota his sota hai

Amay Gupta: Usko kahna nahi search karana hai

Vansh Patel: Spider is very hard working. Who bahut mehnat karta hai

Amay Jain: Mouse ko lion ko khana hai

Palvit Agrawal: Iron man mouse ko save karega aur farm me.

Ansh Thakkar: Lion was very lazy only sleep and wait for his food


Raavya Darji: Mouse ko bahut hungry tha.

Sreenidhi Mishra: Bugs give food to mouse

Dhven Shah: Mouse ko superhero save karta hai

The children's story now took a form. They visualized and created individual blueprint for story presentation in the form of drawing. They named their story "Hardworking"

Sreenidhi Mishra: Lady bug and tree

Palvit Agrawal: Superhero and lion

Materials for model making and division of responsibilities were decided

As for Group 2 children, materials and model responsibility was decided.Children under the guidance of teacher started creating their individual blue print and prototype of the story before creating their own models.

Art work of children -puppets made from indigenous materials

Siddharth Bharathi: A very hungry caterpillar. I had green clay dough, red clay dough, stickers for eyes and two sticks for antenna. He is very happy.

Vansh Patel-: This is a snowman. I had used clay , ice cream sticks and straw for making snowman.

Raavya Darji: This is a monster Allien .

Amay Gupta-: I had made a. Dady pig. I had used ice cream stick and paper

Amay Jain: I have made an elephant. I had used red paper, blue paper, candy stick, for eyes googlie eyes, for trunk red paper.

Ansh Thakkar : I had made a monster with paper and a stick red rectangle for body, circle eyes rectangle ears, semicircle smile. Good monster

Garvit Kothari: Madhav, Krisha

Kiyaan Agrawal-: I had made a caterpillar from paper.

Dhven Shah: I had made Thambi girl and Ganpati bapa. We find Ganpati bapa in Mythological books.

Palvit Agrawal : I had made an elephant .I had used pop up widge pencil and crayon.

Elephant elephant wake up now wake up now

this is not sleeping time.

Construction work by children

Garvit Kothari : I am making an aquarium, robt, garden, samundar. I had used fishes in aquarium , blue colour boat , Robot I used blocks, blocks for garden.

Ansh Thakkar : I have made a city in the city there is a mall. There is a tree . This is the flag of India.

Hanishi Shah : Pepa pig pan cakes. I am making a house. Dady pig is sitting in the house.He is eating the snacks.

Sreenidhi Mishra :I am making a tower . A very big colourful tower.

Dhven Shah: I had made a jungle,

Palvit Agrawal: I had made paw patrol, IF someone needs help they go for rescue .Puma, Marshel they are the characters.

Palvit Agrawal:

Vansh Patel : This is a castle. Castle ke andar ek pari raththi thi. Pari jo usko cahiya tha wo le late thi. Magnet blocks se castle banaya.

Self created stories

Raavya Story Phase 2.mp4

Raavya Darji: Story of two friends from different place and different food habit. "Better a poor horse than no horse at all"

Jhanvi Story Phase 2.mp4

Jhanvi Thakar: Story of Butterflies

Hanishi Story Phase 2.mp4

Hanishi Shah: Peppa pig story

Amay Jain story Phase 2.mp4

Amay Jain: Story of Meethu, mumma and crab.

Self created Rhymes

Unnati Rhyme Phase2.mp4

Unnati Bhatnagar:

Palvit Rhyme Phase2 .mp4

Palvit Agrawal: rhyme on " sleeping elephant"

Pranaayta Rhyme Phase 2.mp4

Prannayta Patel: