Phase 3

Concluding the Project

Children had a good time exploring the world of stories in phase 2. After having so many memorable experiences they revisited the journey of the project. They shared their feelings, likes and dislikes. Verbal and nonverbal communication was observed by teachers and parents and captured in the form of pictures and videos.

Children's exploration throughout the journey in the form of a web

Revisiting the journey of the project and highlighting their learning of the project:

Shivansh- "I liked model making. Resource person also told the story of 'Little red hen' using stick puppets."

Jihan- "I liked listening to new-new stories. The story of '2 silly goats' using finger play."

Mishti- "Mane giraffe banavanu gamyu ane princess ma colour karvanu."

Ayaan- "Mujhe hamari story draw karni achhi lagi and visit to book store."

Rajeshwari- "I liked drawing."

Raaisha- "Mujhe rhymes achhi lagi 'snow white song' wali aur drawing."

Reyansh- "Humne online research bhi kiya tha. Usme animals aur jungle bhi dekha tha."

Children's expression in the form of drawings

Jihan Ringwala

Shivansh Thakkar

Jihan Ringwala

Ayaan Vyas

Model gallery

Individual blue print of the story 'Superman and a bad witch'

Ayaan Vyas

Reyansh Shah

Shivansh Thakkar

Rajeshwari Singh Malhotra

Prototype before making the final model

Shivansh Thakkar

Jihan Ringwala

Children making the model

Prisha Parikh

Jihan Ringwala

Reyansh Shah

Raaisha Shah

Model making process


Shivansh Thakkar


Prisha Parikh

Jihan Ringwala- "Look ma'am my Doremon is ready."

Jihan- " Pehlla mobile ma search karyu mamma e, pachhi save karyu. Printout lidhi, 2-2 prints lai lidhu, cut karyu, chart paper upar chipkayu, stick karyu, ave ice-cream stick upar stick karyu fevicol thi, blue colour ni stick kari ane blue colour no doremon banayu."

Prisha- "Pehlla mamma e cut karya shapes joker mate, un colouring karyu, pachi fevicol thi lagayu, alag-alag shapes lidha che, triangle, circle, cloud jevo shape pan che ena e ears babaya che, ears blue colour nu banyu che, cap red colour ni triangle shape ni che, face circle shape nu che, lips pink colour nu che, majja avi joker banava ma."

Reyansh- "Pehle mamma ne prinout liya superman ka, phir usko cardborad pe chipkaya fevicol se aur phir usko laminate kiya plastic se."

Rajeshwari- "Ma'am maine sab banaya draw karke, witch, mountains, trees, broom, castle, prince, princess, lion, tiger aur phir maine colours se decorate kiya."

Assembling the model

Final Model

'Superman and a bad witch'

Final story of "Superman and a bad witch"

Once upon a time there was a colourful castle in the jungle. In the castle there lived a prince and a princess. It was prince birthday and princess planned a surprise birthday party for the prince. She also took a surprise gift for prince and they invited lion, tiger, a witch, dragon, dinosaur for the party. Lion and tiger came from the jungle, dinosaur came from the dino land, witch came flying on her broom and dragon from the jungle. Prince and princess were looking happy and princess was wearing a pink colour dress and prince wore a blue colour dress. They all were enjoying in the party and were having fun. All of a sudden witch took out her magic stick and she turned lion and tiger into joker and humans into animals. While she was doing it princess immediately hide herself and shouts for help….help…help and makes a call to superman. Witch made princess into animal too using her magic stick. She was a bad witch and she did this because she wanted to become the queen of the world. And she started crackling hahahahha “Iam the queen of this world, I want to become the queen of this world” and she was feeling very happy. There comes the superman flying from the town and he fights with witch. Dinosaur gets angry as he was a bad dino and was supporting witch and using his powers he also tries to fight with superman. But superman gets angrier and he throws dinosaur into the pit. Superman and all other characters lion, tiger, prince, princess and doremon with unity fight with witch and the dinosaur (who looks like a dragon) and at the end superman snatches the magic stick from the witch and turns animals into humans and joker into animals. Superman using magic stick does magic on witch and makes her ice. At the end they all clap for superman and they all said thank you to superman for saving their lives.

Riddles created by children