Socio-Emotional Development

Socio-Emotional Development

Projects provide wonderful opportunities for children to express and collaborate with each other. Through small group and large group discussions, children learn to share and listen to each other’s ideas. They learn to work with each other towards the common goal of investigating as well as visualizing and creating their models. They develop confidence to interview experts and to express their own ideas and choices across situations. Children learn how to be persistent and resilient as the in-depth project journey requires a lot of patience, ability to handle challenges and hard work. Finally, children exercise their problem solving and decision making skills throughout the entire process of research and investigation.

A better understanding and identification of their emotions is visible in children's pretend play and other activities

Reeyan Pretend Play.mp4

See! How responsible I am-Aaryahi

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What we like!!!!

Shanaya: "I like spider man."

I like puppet

Devasya: "I like the story, "The very busy spider because he was very hard working."

Let's share and play with sand pit tools

Hey friends.......What would you like to have in breakfast today?

I am making maggie for you. You bring water for me. Jihan and Reyansh

Making a garland together

Prisha and Raajeshwari

Shivansh_act of kindness.mp4

Act of kindness on "Joy of giving" celebration by shivansh Thakkar.