Physical Development

Physical Development

A project approach provides children many opportunities to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills. Various physical games and music-movement activities enable their gross motor development. Children also engage in many fine motor activities such as drawing, writing, clay moulding, cutting and pasting, creating models and art, using manipulative materials, etc. throughout the project.

Developing muscle movement through construction play

Jihan-I made towers

Mishti made a castle using blocks

Ayaan- This is a bridge

Physical activity promotes healthy growth and development and that is visible in the dance and exercise activities followed by children

Shivansh_follow the actions and move your body.mp4

Children developing their gross motor and body balancing skills while playing in the garden

Cutting helps improve my fine motor skills-Shivansh

Shivansh cutting shapes.mp4

Dhruhi created prototype of the story using clay.

Shivansh: Building location of the story ' the jungle book ' through blocks.

Nivaan made caterpillar and butterfly with legos.

Tammana writing sounds on board.

Developing fine motor skill with drawing