Creative Development

Creative Development

Young children are inherently creative and imaginative. The project approach harnesses children’s creative potential by engaging them in various activities such as art and design, music-movement, storytelling, and many more, towards the objective of achieving the project’s learning goals.


Vaarush and Waamik enjoying pretend play with a unique getup


Children exhibiting their art and craft work which highlights their imagination and creativity


Hand painting to make a character is so much fun

Showcasing creativity through self made rhymes



Jihan's self made rhyme on doremon.mp4


Jihan created settings using indigenous material

Shivansh made a handprint character and settings using indigenous material

Creative art work using indigenous materials

Look we all are creating puppets

Jihan- "Look I made a hulk".

Mishti- "Hun hippopotameous, crocodile ane teddy banayu".

"Look at my Stick man.....Stick man is my favorite story!"