Phase 2

In phase 2 children got to know more about different genres and elements of the stories. Children gathered more knowledge by visiting a bookstore virtually and interacting with a story teller. They were introduced to different authors and their style of writing which helped them to visualize and create their own stories.

To give children better understanding of different types of genres they had a virtual trip to a bookstore 'Latitude' where they saw different books. They got to explore fairy tales, mythological books, comedy books, scary books, autobiography.

Glimpses of virtual field trip to Latitude bookstore

Naksh: "Book store, many books, reading area, fables"


Tally Marking

Representational drawing of virtual field trip to latitude

Aum: "Made lion and the mouse story "





We decided to call a story teller as a resource person. Children were ready with their questions which they wanted to ask.

Aum:"Which story telling you? "

Vaarush:"Is there a car in the story?"

Naksh:"Story kaise banata hai?"

Ms. Priti Shah, a professional storyteller was invited where she illustrated stories and briefed about the elements of story and the role of an author.

"The Little Red Hen"

"Once a Mouse"

Children recalled their experience of visit to Latitude bookstore and Resource person

Aum: "Latitude, fairy tale, god story, Bheem, ant and dove, storyteller."

Aaryahi: "Krishna, fairy, fairy tales, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Krishna and Ganesha, monkey and crocodile, storyteller tells story."

Anvit: "Krishna Bhagvan."

Naksh: "Book store, fables- animal talk like us, Ganesha, Raavan, fairy tale,comics, Preeti mam storyteller, author."

Reeyan: "Castle, Elsa, witch."

Sfurna: "The hen was the character and setting was farm."

Yadhvansh: "Castle, story book, fables."

Shivaksh: "Last ma e help karti hati badhane"

Now children had a fair idea about genres and elements of stories. They did an indepth study about the works of two authors "Eric Carle' and "Julia Donaldson" to get more clarity about deciding how a theme is selected and a how a story is woven around it.

Eric Carle and his stories

During online research children talked about characters, settings and illustrations

Saavi: "Frog and duck."

Aum: "Spider, horse, cat, sheep, goat, cat, dog, rooster, cow, owl, duck."

Parina: "Horse, pig, sheep in the farm. Forest mein chameleon, owl"

Yadhvansh: "Usne jaal banaya tha."

Kiaan: "Spider was not listening, sab pareshan kar rahe thee, web bana liya."

Haksh:"Spider share nahi kar raha tha, dudh nahi pina tha, khana nahi khana tha, spider house banavata tha, busy rehta tha, mix ntho thato."

Vaarush: "Insects, in the leaf."

Haksh: "Sunflower, gorilla, lady bug story, cricket, different stories."

Madhav: "Sab usko disturb kar rahe the."

Inspired by Eric Carle stories- Children's representations

Shivaksh: "Caterpillar, hungry caterpillar, he is hungry, 1st day 1 apple, 2 pear, 3 plums, 4 strawberries, 5 oranges, stomachache, eating leaf."."

Vaarush: "The Grouchy lady bug, happyVaarush, sticks, Pista shell."

Waamik: "Spider pachi web he is very busy , he chale che web ma, spider web banave che."

Saavi: "Bhoot, ghost, the hungry caterpillar, ghost eat hungry caterpillar, yes he will cry, Saavi superhero will save."

Construction Play - create setting of the story

Sfurna:"I making with clay, Shastrinagar, India mai hai, fairy tales, I know everything."

Naksh: "I made leaf and cocoon."

Yadhvansh: "This is red hen house."


Madhav: "Mai farm bana raha hu jaha animals hota hai sab kuch hota hai, yes animals talking."

Reeyan: "Ye simbha hai aur dono si,bha hai, ye sab so rahe hai, vo subah ko hi so rahe the, ab raat hogayi ab school nai jate and subhas ko school nai jate."

Niyansh: "Jungle, caterpillar hai, nai baat kar raha hai".

Julia Donaldson and her stories

After exploring stories of Julia Donaldson, children compared the elements of two stories. This helped them to understand how theme, characters, settings, and plot are interwoven to create a story.

Creative expressions after hearing fairy tales

Vaarush: Bad boy and bad boy grumpy face, so many bad boys.”

Yadhvansh:“Magic stick, mai jadu karta hu,abara ka dabara gili gili chu, castle.”

Waamik: “This is magic stick, this is bad boy, abra ka dabra and snake ne rabbit banayu, funny story hai.”

Niyansh: "Castle navu chu, kuki monster fairy, cooki monster ne cookies bhave ."

Aaryahi: "I have decorated my castle."

Haksh: "Broom stick I am making, friends harry potter, ema basine pachi udi jase uper sky ma."

Reeyan: "Maine jadaui stick banai hai, lion and tiger , aur lion and tiger ke ladai bhi pataunga, lion jitega ye ladai fir tiger mar jayega , magic mai lion bhi maar jayega."

Sfurna; "I am making fairy tale Cindrela, angles Cinderella ki dress achi achi banate hai."

Parina: "Fairy banavi ane monster."

Madhav: "Magic car ki wand hai ane pari ka bhi."

After exploring different stories written by different authors it was time to create a story of their own and so it was important to decide upon the theme for their story. The children were divided into two small groups where each group created a story of their own.

Group 1 Story Project Journey

Deciding the theme

Some thoughts shared by children while selecting the theme for their own story.

Aum : "Goat story- two goat crossing the bridge, ant and the dove- helping."

Yadhvansh: "The little red hen - sabki help karni chahiye."

Reeyan: "Mai didi ko help karta hai, lion ki story aati hai, The lion king acha nai hota na toh use maar dena and work karna chahiye."

Waamik: "The busy spider - ye busy hato, spider web banavto hato, hard working."

Naksh: "Three little pigs were hard working."

Children negotiated and decided the theme of the story by voting and decided to focus on the theme of 'Hardworking'.

Deciding the characters and their appearance, settings, problem and solution of Story

Reeyan : "All animals friends hai jungle mai rehte hai."

Waamik: "Giraffe lamba hota hai bada hota hai, magic mountain jayege house ma abra ka dabra karta hata."

Vaarush: "Black skin princess, lion siting in car, elephant yellow t-shirt, pant blue, giraffe long t-shirt red, rat black t-shirt dhoti."

Saavi: "Tifiti princess, green color clothes, Lion is grumpy, nanu hase surprise face, helping all elephant."

Yadhvansh: "Pink clothes, frock, elephant happy, giraffe has white car."

Naksh: "Baby giraffe chota hai red t-shirt and red pant, sab kutch red hai, strong hoga, lion is wearing black t-shirt."

Anvit: "Giraffe will wear coat and tie."

Aum: "Sare animals tent mai rahege and princess castle mai rahegi, tent castle ke garden mai hoga, car parking bhi hoga, beach jayege, hardworking, beautiful, rat hat peher se, mouse lazy sleeping and sleeping, no helping."

The children's story now took a form. They visualized and created individual blue print for story presentation and made a prototype using clay. They named their story "Princess and hardworking friends."

Children represented their individual thoughts of their story in the form of drawings




Materials for model making and responsibilities were decided

Group 2 Story Project Journey

Deciding the theme- Friendship

Some thoughts shared by children while selecting the theme for their own story

Shivaksh: "The monkey and crocodile- friends."

Niyansh: "Mouse with 7 tails – koi kuch bhi bole sunna nai chahiye."

Deepanjali: "The lion and the mouse. "

Madhav: "Help karni chahiye friends ko."

Children negotiated and decided the theme of the story with voting and decided to focus on the theme of 'Friendship'.

Deciding the characters and their appearance, settings, problem and solution of the story

Aaryahi: "Lion ne pehna tha brown vali pant aur white shoes tortoise green frock- happy tha."

Kiaan: " Lion yellow t-shirt cold feel kar tha, happy and jacket, vaha baarish ho rahi thi."

Deepanjali: "Mummy- red grown, sweet & angry, Papa- green T-shirt, jeans, sweet, Boy- kind and notorious, blue t-shirt, pants."

Madhav: "Usne medicine diya aur injection kyuki stale pizza khaya, pet mai dar hua."

Niyansh: "Rabbit good che, pink shirt, black pant shoes peryu che, helping boy hato saro, blue t-shirt, green pants."

Shivaksh: "Chocolate khato hato, clouds hata ane rain aavto hto, red Blanket lion."

Sfurna: " Mummy red gown pehnegi vo sweet and angry hai, Papa green T-shirt, blue jeans pehnege and sweet hai."

Parina: "Lion yellow t-shirt perse ne jacket ane brown pant, white shoes, ene cold lagtu hatu and happy hato."

The children's story now took a form. They visualized and

created individual blue print for story presentation and

made a prototype using clay. They named their story

"Friends in the jungle"

Children represented their individual thoughts of their story in the form of drawings





Materials for Model making and division of responsibilities were decided

Self created rhymes during the journey



Hardworking spider story by Eric Carl fascinated Naksh and he expressed his creativity by creating self made rhyme of a spider.

Caterpillar Rhyme .webm


A caterpillar rhyme created by Aum depicts the connection after exploring stories by Eric Carl.

20210920_222626_001 (1).mp4




Girls got captivated with the fairy tales by Julia Donaldson and here is the first edition of Sfurna who created her own self made rhyme on snow white

Self created stories during the journey



Let's welcome Haksh our animal lover who loves animal stories and was desperate to share his own story on animals.



Let's go through the world of princess, fairy and witches and enjoy this story created by Madhav.



Oink! Oink! here comes self made story by Anvit on his favourite Peppa pig family.

Haksh: "Cow and Man"