Language Development

Language Development

A project approach gives children many opportunities to express and communicate their feelings, needs, preferences and experiences. It helps them to build an enriching new vocabulary through exploration and group discussions. Children are encouraged to express their ideas using multiple modes such as verbal dialogues, stories, rhymes, riddles, drawings, writing, and artwork.

Learning new sounds

Learning a new sound in the form of story is fun for kids

Reyansh made objects related to Hh.mp4

Reyansh made objects related to sound /h/

Children identifying the beginning sound and matching it with the respective pictures.

Navyansh putting the dots under each sound after reading a word during the language session.

Children showcasing their language worksheet with pride

Matching the characters with the stories by Dhrit

Would you like to read stories with me?

Listening time.......let's learn some new vocabulary while listening a story of a Red hen.

Fiona narrated the story of The Very hungry caterpillar and created the same using clay.

Rhyme created by Tammana "Washing Day"

Dhrit expressed and narrated his story through the drawing


Confidence of Shivansh Lodha is depicted while enacting like Iron Man

Shivansh narrating story of 2 silly goats in pretend play.mp4

Shivansh narrating the story of "Two Silly Goats'' in his own words.

Mishti narrating story of pinacchio using stick puppets.mp4

Mishti narrating the story of 'Pinacchio' using stick puppets

Ayaan listening to snow white song.mp4

Ayaan listening to the rhyme of 'Snow white'

Children have learnt new vocabulary and used it in their conversation. They learnt to express their thoughts in complete sentences.

Anant: "Author writes stories and illustrator draws pictures"

Dhruhi: "Ramayana is mythological story"

Siddharth Bharati: "We have seen Siddharth's book the hungry caterpillar, the monster one, the dragon. Appa (father) books it was Grumpy books and sad books and mine is happy books.

Sfurna: "I like lion king simbha, simbha is small and mufasa is big"