Phase 2

In phase 2 children got to know more about different genres and elements of the stories. Children gathered more knowledge by visiting a bookstore virtually and interacting with a story teller. They were introduced to different authors and their style of writing which helped them to visualize and create their own stories.

Based on the understanding of children we decided to plan a virtual field trip to 'Latitude' book store which was streamed live from the bookstore. It was a novel experience for teachers as well as for the children. Children explored different genres of books, saw the reading corner which had stories depicted on the walls and also represented their observations in the form of drawings and mathematical representations.

Teacher showed the story of renowned Story teller, Ms. Geeta Ramanujam : "The crocodile and a hen" before virtual filed visit to 'Latitude' to give knowledge about the settings, character, problem, theme and solution.

Talking about different genres of the stories before the field trip

Jihan- "Zoombie ni movie hoy che ane bandar mama ni rhyme e funny che."

Mishti - "Lala ji ne kela khaya funny che, Princess, Frozen ane Ana ni stories joi che"

Prisha- "Masha cookies, Cinderella stories"

Shivansh- "Jurraisc park, there were dinosaurs, scary, scary they were."

Reyansh- "Ma'am maine ek story dekhi jisme tiger came to have tea, funny hai ye story, wo hai na ghar ka pura pani pii jata hai, sab ghar ka khana kha jata hai, phir wo sab hotel jate hai."

Exploring different genres of books during virtual visit to "Latitude"

All 4 classes together

Mythological books

Fairy tales

Comic books


Scary books


Books in other languages


Shivansh counting animal books.mp4

Shivansh: Sorting books as per the genres

Representational Drawings

Shivansh- "I made table, chair, lots of books, rack, teacher, and teady book."

Jihan- "I made book rack, Ganesha book, Krishna book and sitting area."

Reyansh- "Dekho mam maine books, table aur bahut saari books banai, wo wahan books padh bhi sakte hai."

A story teller, Ms. Priti Shah was called to guide children how stories are created using 4 major elements like characters, settings, problem and solution. She narrated the story of 'The little red hen' which helped children to understand all the elements in a concrete way.

Narration of 'The Little Red Hen' using stick puppets

Online exploration

Children explored stories written by two authors 'Eric Carle' and 'Julia Donaldson' to get an idea of how stories have different characters, settings, problem, solution and theme.

Story- 'The very busy spider'

Ayaan - "I made spider, the very busy spider using black colour clay."

Teachers showed the story of 'The very busy spider' written by Eric Carle as an introduction of the author. Children's responses after the story:

Ayaan- "Spider was very busy, e web banavto hato."

Jihan - "Spider baoo hard working hato, e baddha ne naa padto hato."

Researching Eric Carle Stories

Exploring different stories online

Prisha- "I made a very hungry caterpillar story."

Mishti made colourful butterfly using indigenous material

Shivansh- "The caterpillar was very hungry, I know the grouchy ladybug story."

Prisha- "The tiny seed ni story khabar che mane."

Mishti- "Caterpillar butterfly bani gayu."

Rajeshwari- "Caterpillar was outside on a tree."

Jihan- "Caterpillar e baoo baddhu khadhu, ene bhukh laagi hati. Baddha stories colourful che."

Reyansh- "Alag-alag insects hai story me, characters hai."

Shivansh exploring stories online.mp4

Researching done by Shivansh at home

Comparison of stories of Eric Carle

Exploring different fairy tales by Julia Donaldson

Shivansh- "I know this story, the giant is outside in the town, he is very big."

Ayaan- "Wo sabki help karta tha."

Mishti- "Ema mouse hato ane giraffe."

Rajeshwari- "He was happy giving his things."

Reyansh- "Usne sabki help ki, apna shirt de diya, pant de di aur wo happy tha."

Julia Donaldson stories

During online research children talked about characters, settings and illustrations

Rajeshwari- "Gruffalo is big and brown, witch is having big-big nose and a black hat."

Shivansh- "I know this is 'Room on the Broom' story."

Ayaan- "This is monkey puzzle. Wo tree ke upar baitha hai"

Jihan- "Gruffalo is looking like a monster."

Prisha- "Witch ni paase magic stick che."

Raaisha- "Magic hai story me."

Reyansh- "Ye jungle hai, mere paas bhi mogli ki book hai 'Jungle book'."

Shivansh Thakkar

Comparison of Julia Donaldson stories: The smartest Giant in the town' and 'The Gruffalo'

Mishti- "Giant baoo motto hato, mouse hato ane ena babies pan hata nahna-nahna, giraffe hato."

Reyansh- "Gruffalo brown colour no short hato aur wo jungle me tha aur bhi animals the story me."

Shivansh- "Gruffalo was scared so he made a story. Giant was in town and the Gruffalo was in the jungle."

Ayaan- "Gruffalo ne jhuth-muth ki story banai thi sabko darane ke liye."

Art work of children inspired by Julia Donaldson stories

Shivansh- "I made a hen using my hand of yellow colour and its babies chicken made of clay, clouds, rain, tree and they are all standing outside."

Children making characters and settings using indigenous materials.

Reyansh- "Ma'am maine bahut bada house banaya hai, blocks se."

After exploring different stories written by different authors it was time to create a story of their own and so it was important to decide upon the theme for their story.

Ayaan- "I made a witch and she is flying on the magic stick."

Deciding the theme for their story

Ayaan- "I want magic in our story, magic stick hogi, mujhe magic pot ki story pata hai.

Rajeshwari- "Friendship story I know- 'Rabbit and the Turtle', slow and steady wins the race.

Jihan - "Ant and the Dove story ma,ant e dove ni help kari hati, magic ni story pan khabar che 'The flying carpet' ane 'Aladdin' ema jinn ave magic thi."

Raaisha- "Friendship story, I want tiger."

Prisha- "Smart Giant baddha animals ni help karto hato ane mane 'Magic tree' ni story pan khabar che, ema aapde je wish kariye e mali jay che magic thi."

Children negotiated and decided the theme of the story and came to a conclusion to make the story on the theme of 'Magic'

Deciding the characters

Shivansh- "Other animals will also be there. I want 15 characters."

Mishti- "Snow man ase, car ase ane Princess ase."

Raaisha- "I want tiger, hun tiger banavis."

Jihan- "I want to make prince and doremon."

Reyansh- "Superman banaunga aur animals honge humari story me aur wo sab party karenge."

Prisha- "Un joker banavis."

Rajeshwari- " Witch will be there and she will do the magic, black colour witch and trees, I want 6 characters."

Ayaan- "I want witch, superhero, monster, princess, lion, tiger, dragon, 10 characters."

Deciding the settings

Rajeshwari- "I will make trees and mountains by drawing and colouring it with colours and witch is flying on her magic stick."

Shivansh- "I will make a big castle, colourful castle it will be."

Reyansh- "Humari story bahar hogi garden me, trees bhi honge aur superman shaher me rehta hai."

Rajeshwari- "Outside".

Ayaan- "Birthday party ander hogi castle me."

Raaisha- "Lion and tiger jungle me rehte hai."

Mishti- "Princess castle ma reh che ane prince pan."

Ayaan- "Dragon like dinosaur jungle me rehta hai and he will come from dino land."

Jihan- "Doremon bahar rahe che ane price castle ma."

Shivansh- "In our story the character of witch and dragon like dinosaur will be bad and she will do magic with her magic stick as she wants to become the queen of the world and she will turn lion and tiger into joker and will freeze everyone else in the story and princess will hide herself and will ask for help to superman."

Problem in the story

Ayaan- "Sab friends milke witch aur dragon se fight karenge aur superman sabse fight karega, unko bachayega."

Reyansh- "Dinasour apni takat se fight karega aur wo apne muh se fire bhi nikalega fire ki tarah."

Jihan- "Dragon like dinosaur is a bad dino."

Solution in the story:

Mishti- "Princess call karse superman ne."

Rajeshwari- "Superman will save everyone and at the end everyone will say thank you to him."

Shivansh- "Prince and princess and all others with unity will fight with dragon and witch and superman will snatch the magic stick and he will turn witch and dragon into ice and will save everyone."

Reyansh- "Humari story me superman udd ke aayega aur wo sabko bachha lega kyunki wo bahut strong hai."

Children represented their individual thoughts of their story in the form of drawing

Reyansh- "Dekho ma'am maine superman banaya."

Jihan- "I made monster, mountains, castle ane sun."

Mishti- "Un prince, pink colour ni princess ane snowman banayu."

Shivansh- "I drew the story of dragon world. I made a castle, stairs, dragon, moon, birds with stone and 2 man."

Raaisha- "Un tiger draw karyu."

Ayaan- "I will make my dragon with fire from his mouth and using puppet."

Children divided responsibilities and decided the materials to be used for making their model.

Rajeshwari – "I am going to make witch using cardboard and settings like jungle and tress by drawing using colours."

Mishti – "Un princess banavis paper thi ane pink colour ni."

Reyansh – "superman me lego se banaunga, blue and red colour ka."

Raaisha – "I will make tiger using clay."

Jihan – "I will make prince and doremon using stick puppets."

Ayaan – "I will make Dinasour red colour ka like a dragon and lion using puppets."

Prisha- "Un joker banavis colourful, paper thi."

Children depicted their learning and knowledge using different art tools

Jihan- "Ma'am I made a monster using green and purple colour clay."

Mishti- "Un giraffe banayu che ornage colour clay thi."

Prisha- "I made Giant, enu shirt banyu blue colour nu, pant banai pink colour ni, buttons banaya black colour na, ane shoes banaya."

Self created rhymes by children

Shivansh's self made

Shivansh narrating the rhyme in his own words

Ayaan's 2nd riddle.mp4

Rhyme created by Ayaan

Self made rhymes and stories by children

Jihan's self made rhyme on doremon.mp4

Jihan Ringwala

Mishti narrating story of pinacchio using stick puppets.mp4

Mishti Mehta

Shivansh narrating self made rhyme using stick puppets.mp4

Shivansh Thakkar

Shivansh narrating story of 2 silly goats in pretend play.mp4

Shivansh - Narrating the story of "The two silly goats" during pretend play.

Talking about the challenges faced while making the model and their responsibility:

Shivansh - "I made a big castle using cardboard box".

Mishti - "Ma'am un princess banavis, pink colour ni, pan mane princess banavta nathi aavadtu".

Ayaan - " I will make lion and dinosaur using cardboard, par mujhe dinosaur banate nahi aata".

Reyansh - "Me blocks se super man isliye nahi bana paya kyunki blocks kam pad rahe the aur mere paas red aur blue colour ke blocks zyada nahi hai isliye maine cardborad pe banaya aur usko laminate kar diya."

Raaisha- "Ma'am mujhe lion banate nahi aata. Aap bataoge mujhe kaise banate hai?".