Phase 1

Beginning of the Project

Exploring children's prior knowledge on the topic “Stories”

What are stories?

Amay Jain: Story means story hota hai...mumma Pappa sunate hai wo stories hota hai.. mumma goodnight ko sunati wo story prince wala story hota hai. Usme clay ka pony hota hai..bus yeh sab hi story hota hai. Mera to Mickey mouse favourite hai.

Vansh Patel: Ghost ki stories. Stories matlab moral hota hai.

Jahnvi Thakar : Story means koeni vaat karvi.

Places where they listen/read stories

Kiyaan Agrawal: We listen to the story in school. School mei ma’am story sunati hai, ma’am screen chalu karti hai .Iron man, superman are Avengers.

Ansh Thakkar: I hear story in restaurants, in some other restaurants where the food is served. I listen the story at home.

Amay Jain: Ma’am laptop dikhate hai, I watch stories on You tube

Palvit Agrawal: Mumma tells me story from Tv, I-Pad, You tube , story books . I like magic pot stories. Farfaria is an app you can listen to the stories.

People associated with stories

Garvit Kothari: I like to listen stories from my grandparents.

Pranaayta Patel: Dadi tells me story about Arjun and Bheem. I like to listen Cinderlla story.

Hanishi Shah: Mummy tells me story. Eagle and Penguin story. Rupal Aunty tells story. Mere saath nahi rath hai,story telling activity mei gayi thi Rupal aunty is ma’am. I can watch stories in TV.

Dhven Shah:Anna is Author. Author sign in this llama llama 5 minutes story books. The author sign is on the cover of the book. Harry Potter know magic that why he could fly. Those who have wings can fly.

Amay Gupta: Mumma, daddy , dadi teacher they writes the stories.

Kiyaan Agrawal : Mujhe mummy Stick puppet of Gingerbread man se khani sunati hai.

Sreenidhi Mishra: Baba tells me story from story books.

Different ways of narrating stories

Anhad Barot: Dadaji boli ne story kahiche.

Hanishi Shah: Dentist wali story book, mobile se. Rupal aunty was using Puppets.

Garvit Kothari: Kyu ki sab apne dimak se sunte hai , koi thumb se, koi puppet se, koi book se sunate hai.Sab ekjaise story sunaye ji to nahi acha lagega.

Amay Jain: Ma’am laptop dikhate hai . Ma'am Story sunati hai.

Kiyaan Agrawal: Easy wali book late the. Hand puppet, stick puppet, puppet show, finger puppet and hand puppet.

Importance of Stories

Unnati Bhatnagar: Nayi nayi cheeze shikne ko milti hai.

Kiyaan Agrawal: Stories se dimag khulta hai. Newspaper mei story nahi hoti hai..

Amay Gupta: Good manners hota hai. Mujhe story listen karne ke baa dacha agta lagta.

Feelings shared by children after listening to or reading stories

Siddharth Bharathi: I feel happy after reading the story

Vansh Patel : Story sunne ke baad achi nind aa jati hai. Ha mumma books read karti hai .

Art Work: Puppet creation by children using different materials

Ansh Thakkar: I made puppet with paper. Oval shape and heart shape

Dhven Shah: I made Stick puppet of girl.

Amay Jain: I had used paper bag for my puppet

Evolution of Stories

Jahnvi Thakar: Dada dadi ke mummy papa sunate the, paper mei che read karte the. Schoolma sikhate . Wo apni khud ki stories banathe.

Unnati Bhatnagar: Nani ko nani ki nani story sunate hai.Aur mei bhi nani ko story sunati hu.

Hanishi Shah: Meri dadi ki mummy khani sunate thi, us time pe book nahi the,school mei jate the to unki ma’am sunte the.

Amay Gupta: Mumma, daddy , dadi teacher they writes the stories.

Dhven Shah: Anna is Author. Author sign in this llama llama 5 minutes story books. The author sign is on the cover of the book. Harry Potter know magic that why he could fly. Those who have wings can fly.

Amay Jain: Uncle book le kar atte hai, books wale uncle. ( Amazon books wali delivery boy)

Art Work: Expressing Emotions

Palvit Agrawal

Samaira Shah

Sreenidhi Mishra

Why are stories told in different ways?

Do you and your parents read the same story books?

Siddharth Bharathi: Yes my parents read books. Parents have no picture on their books I have pictures in my story books. Siddharth books has more colours. Mumma books have more pages Siddharth books has less pages.

Unnati Bhatnagar: Ma’am meri story books mei bahut sare pictures hote hai Mumma ke story books mei no picture hote hai.

Different languages of stories

Dhven Shah: Mumma and papa tells story in English. Dada and dadi tells story in Gujarati.

Ansh Thakkar: I like to hear story in English and Gujarati.

Siddharth Bharathi: I like to listen stories in English, Tamil and Malayalam.

Art work : Drawing of favourite story characters

Kiyaan Agrawal : Story name "The Elves and the Shoemaker"

Pranaayta Patel: Story Name: Monkey and Crocodile

Palvit Agrawal:

Story Name: Peppa's Busy Day

Narrating busy picnic day .

Sreenidhi Mishra : Very hungry caterpillar makes cocoon by himself. Butterfly skin and it has beautiful wings. Look at its eyes. Oh yeah! tentacles. I am gonna make colourful butterfly.

Ansh Thakkar: The hungry Caterpillar

Amay Gupta : Cap seller and the monkey

Capseller topi bechta hai and fir Woh tree ke niche soo jata hai. Monkey aake uski caps le jate hai. Woh uth ta hai and dhekha ke monkeys ne caps le li. Uski basket empty ho jati hai.

Amay Jain: Peter nahi hai kyuki ki Peter abhi rain mein bahar nahi aa sakta.. Mumma ne na bola usse

Raavya Darji: Peppa & family jumping in a muddy puddle on a lovely sunny day

Siddharth Bharati : Story Name: The Gruffalo

Self created stories by children


Siddharth Bharathi: A scary Gruffalo

Pranaayta Patelmp4

Pranaayta Patel: Hand Made Puppet

.Palvit .mp4

Palvit Agrawal: Stick puppet story made by Palvit. Title of the story is "Lost Baby HACKJOG"


Ansh Thakkar

Team octanauts are on a rescue mission.stickman drive car supersonic fast for rescue. I will stop the train, doctor check if anyone is hurt.

Now we all have helped and our rescue is finished. Team octanuts let’s go home. We can go back to our picnic in the tent.”

Garvit Kothari.mp4

Garvit Kothari

Hanishi Shah.mp4

Hanishi Shah: Penguin and eagle story..

One little penguin one little eagle. Penguin said what i do we do swimming pool. Fir eagle ko idea tha mein fly karu. Penguin not fly. Fir eagle said i am fly. You can no fly. I am so wing. You want hand. Fir idea tha mere friend ko bacha na tha. Fir penguin is swim. How do we do to penguin.

Amay Jain.mp4

Amay Jain


Kiyaan Agrawal

Jhanvi Thakkar.mp4

Jhanvi Thakar: One incident of lord Krishna