Phase 3

It was wonderful to see how children created their individual models, and the innovative ways that children used materials to create their models. Children felt great pride to come together and represent their story in the form of a big 3D model. During this phase, they recalled and revisited their experiences during the entire project journey. They were extremely confident while sharing their likes and dislikes of the project.

Below is the web created by teachers based on children's responses throughout the project. It shows the growth in their knowledge and understanding through the project journey.


Story outline

Title: Magic everywhere

Once upon there was a princess living in a palace. One her way to the magic shop she meets a fairy. The fairy said Princess you are very beautiful. Princess went to the magic shop. Princess meet giant in the magic shop. There was a magic hat, table, chair and dress in the magic shop. Big big giant. Princess was scared seeing the giant. Giant was angry. Giant done the magic after seeing the Princess.

Princess meets a Gruffalo in the way back to the palace. Gruffalo was very scary. Gruffalo has done magic and put the princess in the cage. Princess call for help.

Super hero had saved the Princess. Super hero is having smart watch and from his watch that princess was in trouble. Superhero will come in red dress on cycle and cycle car se fast hai.

Individual blueprint of the Model

Siddharth Bharathi

Hanishi Shah

Pranaayta Patel:

Common blue Print of the Model

Prototype of the Model

Garvit Kothari

Hanishi Shah

Model making process- Magic Everywhere

Participants-Jr kg B (Batch1)

Materials used: Chart paper, big and small boxes, color paper, fevicol, glitter powder, glitter sheet, thermocol sheet, ice cream sticks, straw, felt, googly eyes, foil roll.


Once the story was created, children had to decide how they wanted to present their story to their parents and visitors.

Children were very keen on making a 3D model. They came up with the idea that they would like to make a model of palace, princess, trees, Gruffalo, giant, fairy, magic shop and cage. Children explored different pictures to get ideas of making these models. Later children were given a choice for making individual model.

Children were allotted with a different task and they had taken that responsibility well. They started collecting different materials.

They had started working on their individual model during the online session and continued later. For the palace, Pranayaata had used boxes, foil paper roll and painted it with yellow paint. She used glitter sheet for the palace,made Gruffalo and the giant with felt and chart paper. There was a Christmas tree and a super hero. Hanishi had designed the princess’ dress with great interest. The cage was made using straw. It was a center of attraction for children. Magic shop has made with thermocol sheet and color paper. At last children assembled the model according to the blue print to avoid missing out any details.

Children shared their ideas of their individual model

Siddharth Bharathi: I am having a brown paper, I am having toothpick, paint purple ,pasta shells and wooden fork, scissors, clay dough orange and green colour, black chart paper and fevicol. I will use golden circle sticker for eyes.

Procedure of Making Model of Gruffalo-: I am going to make his body from brown paper. I will make the teeth

for fork, purple prickles made from toothpick and clay. Eyes with stickers and orange clay dough and thumb from black chart paper cut from chart paper. Tusks from pasta shells. I am painting white for tusks.

Garvit Kothari: I have sketch pen, colour paper, pipe, fevicol, scissors and waste materials .

Procedure of making a Super Hero: I will make pipe body and coloured paper.

Unnati Bhatnagar: I will use cardboard box, scissors, glue, coloured paper.

Procedure of making a Magic Shop: I will stick the coloured paper on the cardboard box.

Hanishi Shah: I am using coloured paper, fevicol, ice-cream stick,

Procedure of making a Giant Hulk: I had drawn the face and the body part two hands, purple colour paper for shorts. Ice cream stick to make him stand.

Assembling the Model- Group 1

Final Model Group 1


Story Line

Title: Hardworking is good

Once upon a time there was a farm. On farm spider, mouse, and bugs lives. Spider and bugs are hard working and mouse was lazy. Spider was making his web bug was collecting food. Mouse was lazy he was not doing any work he was lazy.

The spider and bug denied to give food to lazy mouse. He went out in search of food. At the farm there was a bridge mouse has to cross the bridge. The lion was waiting for the mouse. The mouse is saying don’t eat me. But lion said I will. Mouse said help me, help me.

Lion was going to eat the mouse Superhero will come to rescue the mouse by flying. Superhero was wearing a cape. Superhero did fight with lion and saved mouse. Superhero drop the mouse on the farm.

Individual blueprint of the Model

Dhven Shah

Amay Jain

Vansh Patel

Ansh Thakkar

Sreenidhi Mishra

Raavya Darji

Common blueprint of the Model

Prototype of the Model

Vansh Patel

Amay Gupta

Sreenidhi Mishra

Kiyaan Agrawal

Ansh Thakkar

Dhven Shah

Model making process- Hard working is good

Participants-Jr kg B (Batch 2)

Material used: Chart paper, big and small boxes, color paper, fevicol, glitter powder, thermocol sheet, ice cream sticks, disposable bowls, legos, news paper, straw, cotton, googly eyes, foil roll.


After creating their own story children started working on their individual model. They were clear with the detailing they wanted to do in their model as they had prepared individual and group blue print in prior.

Once the individual models were ready children assembled it. They decided the places and how they wanted to arrange their individual models. Children used different medium of art like paper crumpling, paper folding, and painting.The bridge was made with different color legos . It was interesting for children to come together with their individual models and assemble them to represent their group story.

Children shared their ideas and materials for their individual model making

Kiyaan Agrawal: I am going to make a Superhero Captain America. Wool, straw, stickers, colourful paper clay

Procedure of Making Model of Superhero-:I will first take red colour straw cut karuga, phir clay laga ke stand karuga. Phir wool ke saath join kar duga.Phir cape and eyes .

Amay Gupta: I am making a white mouse.I have newspaper, cotton and thread

Procedure of Making Model of Mouse: Newspaper ko band diya uske roll kiya hai . Phir cotton laga duga, paint

Sreenidhi Mishra: I am using red colour to make a ladybug, a bowl, green paper, glue, scissors

Procedure of Making Model of ladybug: I am painting the bowl with red colour. Lady bug legs of paper, lady bugs had six legs and colour of the paper is green.

Palvit Agrawal: I am making a grass house. I am using cardboard box, scissors, paint, brush, grass, glue.

Procedure of Making Model of Grass House: I am going to colour the paper yellow and brown and for wall white colour paper for wall. I am going to cut the box in the shape of door and window.

Raavya Darji: I am making a tree. Paper, fevicol, scissor,

Procedure of Making Model of Tree: I have cut coffee colour paper, green colour for leaf .

Amay Jain: I have pencil, scissor, green paper and brown paper, glue.

Procedure of Making Model of Tree: I am going to draw a leaf and then we are going to cut it. From brown paper I make the trunk of the tree. Leaves are going to be big in size and we are going to have so many leaves.

Dhven Shah: I had made spider. Newspaper, hard string, and glue.

Procedure of Making Model of Spider: I had made newspaper balls. I had put newspaper stick put glue and made balls and put wire.

Sreenidhi Mishrra

Kiyaan Agrawal

Raavya Darji

Ansh Thakkar

Assembling the Model - Group 2

Final Model - Group 2

Revisiting the Experiences and Journey of the Project

Unnati Bhatnagar: Cinderella story research, Snow white song. Story has characters, place.

Anhad Barot: Super hero is my favourite character.

Garvit Kothari: Hume jo story pasand tha woha pe tally marking kiya tha. There were Mythological books, fables books, comic books, fairy tales books. Preeti ma’am had shared the stories the little red hen.

Kiyaan Agrawal: Story book store mei gaye wahe par bahut sari books this Harry potter, magic, lion and mouse

Amay Gupta: We did Tally marking for our favourite story characters.

Sreenidhi Mishra: Eric Carle is the author of the story hungry caterpillar.

Raavya Darji: Book Shop. Castle was there.

Amay Jain: These are stories Gruffalo.

Ansh Thakkar: Ma’am went to the book shop I saw a planet book. I can see Mital ma’am and drawing of the wall. .

Vansh Patel: Elements of the story characters.

Dhven Shah: Books, Harry Potter, Ma’am showed moral of books.

Siddharth Bharathi: Stories in project. The smartest giant in the town, the very busy spider, the little red hen. Teacher you went to the book shop. I saw my stories monster story. We talked about stories. Julia Donaldson author the story of Gruffalo and illustrator Axel Scheffler.

Sharing about Likes and Dislikes from the Project Journey

Siddharth Bharathi: The Gruffalo story I like. I love Gruffalo story. I like the setting and characters in the story. I like art and craft. I love making Gruffalo drawing. I am feeling happy. I am not facing and challenges I am doing it with mumma.

Nishat Shah: I like making gift.

Hanishi Shah: I like magical stories. I like snow white kis story. I don’t like Gruffalo story. Kyu ki wo meri magic wali story ko kha jayega, I like drawing. I am so happy. Karna hai, Mummy is helping me.

Kiyaan Agrawal: I like very busy spider,all stories , Captain America , clay lion and painting, I ike the characters of the story. I like the virtual visit to Latitude. I like painting. I don’t like clay ne jo banaye wo boring laga. Mai happy tha making model. Captian America and lion.

Amay Gupta: Ma’am mujhe book store nahi le ke gayi thi to mujhe acha nahi laga. . I like making clay model.

Sreenidhi Mishra: I felt happy.Ma’am I enjoyed making this lady bug. Ma’am I was not able to cut the paper, crumple the paper.Mumma helped me.

Palvit Agrawal: I like story session, Preeti ma’am ne jo story sunahi thi Once a mouse. I like making house from box, I like mouse made up of clay. I like making story. I give title Sleepy mouse and helper iron man.I don’t like to make spider of the clay kyu ki mujhe daar lakta hai. I had problem to making hut top .usko hold karne mei

Raavya Darj: I like superhero making from clay. I like my tree model.

Amay Jain: Mujhe acha laga tree babnane mei. I like the visit of the book store.

Ansh Thakkar: I have made bridge using clay and blocks that activity I enjoyed. It was difficult in writing , reading and colouring.

Vansh Patel: I like very busy spider, drawing, clay dough. I like everything in the Project. Ma’am mujhe lion challenging lagta hai kyi ki mujhe cutting nahi atti. Mumma had helped me. Meni glue se stick kiya tha.

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Palvit Agrawal sharing his experiences about the Project.