Phase 3

Phase 3

Children had a good time exploring the world of stories in phase 2. After having so many memorable experiences they revisited the journey of the project. They shared their feelings, likes and dislikes.Their verbal and nonverbal communication was observed by teachers and parents and captured in the form of pictures and videos.

Children's web was created was teachers to document growth of children's understanding across the three phases of the project

Revisiting the experiences and journey of the project

Haksh: "Puppet banai thi harry potter."

Naksh: "Priti ma'am, story teller, the red little hen, wind mill, puppet."

Waamik: "Monster, fairies aave, fairy tale."

Saavi: "We did drawing."

Parina: "Hame loko e mummy papa draw karu hatu i liked, friends in the jungle like this story. Hum logo ye story clay thi banayu hatu, riddle banavi gami."

Aaryahi: "Incy wincy ka spider, bunny and tortoise ka pasand hai, Krishna, Balram, Peppa pig stories and rhymes, clay se mouse rabbit and tortoise I like it, books- fairy tales, mythological, castles ,magic wand, princess achi lagti hai. Mujhe pasand hai sab."

Niyansh: "Mane drawing gami, clay activity, fairy tale ki story nai pasand hai mane fairies nai pasand par monster pasand, ne rhyme nathi gami."

Madhav: "Latitude, Krishna, mythological, animal stories dekha tha."

Sfurna: "Books, stick puppets, hands, fingers se story sunte hai."

Feelings shared by children

Aum: "I like the red little hen story, Priti shah storyteller, I like red color that's why, I don't like play dough activity, I like this (prototype) because I like to make."

Yadhvansh: "Painting mujhe achi lagti hai, lion painting, kyuki usme color purna tha na toh kitna maja aata hai, story seeing activity dekhna acha lagta hai, the little red hen, Priti ma'am ne, vo hardworking tha na isliye achi lagi, vo pasand nai aaya story riddle, I cant make it not good."

Sfurna: "I like fairy tales, I like mythological stories, mumma papa banae wali hu, mujhe sab kuch acha laga, kyuki sab acha tha, all the things I like."

Deepanjali: "Lion uncle wali, uncle sabko bacha rahe the, maine khudh banai thi. Puppets bana acha laga tha."

Kiaan: "Sab, mujhko aata hai, drawing, mall sab acha lagta hai."

Saavi: "I like hungry caterpillar, I like castle making, I like all activity."

Waamik: "I like car, paper thi cut mouse and i liked all activity

Vaarush: " I like my black mouse, maja aave che."

Each child represented their thoughts in the form of an individual blue print (Group 1)

Princess and hardworking friends




Reeyan: "Ye giraffe hai ye princess hai ye lion hai ye

elephant hai ye chuha hai."

Haksh: "Donut banavyu che."

Saavi: "I am coloring Princess."

Aum: "Hunter put net."

Naksh: "Castle is big."

Children's collective thoughts in the form of a common model blueprint

Creating prototype of their model based on the blueprint

Yadhvansh: elephant ki eyes aur mouth aur ye giraffe aur ye princess, this is Hi-tech hunter, this is mouse, this is princess”.

Glimpses of Model making

Haksh: "This is castle, this is elephant and its long teeth."

Naksh: "I am making castle and tree. Tree roll and roll and fevicol lagaya."

Reeyan: "Brown paper, phir maine ice cream stick lagayi."

Aum: "Lion-Maine round banaya leg stick kiya hai."

Aum:I am making zoo, this is dairy milk box, mane chotavanu che zoo nu naam”.

Haksh: “Grass colour, green brush, this is paint brush”.

Aum: "It is gift paper, barbecue sticks and this is ice-cream stick and this is grass. Color paper grass and it is arc. It is gift wrapping paper and all done on a dairy milk box. Today I will stick animals big and small. I am happy."

Haksh: "Socks se elephant banuga, pela picture kadhyu elephant nu you tube ma pachi pela legs aave chalaya and chlava laage aam dum dum chale, maja aave mane."

Shivaksh: "I am making chocolate, aa brown color sheet che. Dairy milk banavi che, I like dairy milk my favorite."

Yadhvansh: "I like painting because usmai maza aata hai,bohto zayada maja ata hai usmai color up and down hota hai isiliye."

Assembling the model of the story

Final Model

Princess and her hardworking friends

Princess and the hardworking friends

Once upon a time there was a big forest. There is princess Tifity. she lived in a big castle. She was wearing green colour frock. One day princess was eating donuts. All the animals were friends and lived in tent of that forest. Princess liked to say "Aabra ka babra kare che." Ek divas hunter aavyu hato pakdi lidho giraffe ne. Lion elephant and rat went to princess and said " help us". princess said "I will help you". Lion was hungry, princess gave him vegetables to eat. Hi-tech Hunter, baby giraffe ko zoo mai le jaya. Princess said Abra ka dabra and car banana. Usme sab sath mai beth ke ja rahe hai zoo mai. Vo sab follow kar rahe hai hunter ko. Vo bahot fast follow kar rahe thee. Princess ne chadi se abra ka dabra kara and gave scissor to lion, and mouse cut net with teeth. Lion was tired so elephant got water for him. Elephant ne giraffe ko net mai se nikal and lion ne hunter ko bandh diya. Happy hoke party ki aur cake cut kiya .

Group 2 Journey of Model-making

Each child represented own thoughts in

the form of an individual blue print

'Friends in the Jungle'


Rainy clouds sun papa mummy, aa papa che mumma che, lion with hat and much, pizza, tortoise baby ye tortoise ka baby hai, ye apple tree, stones, tortoise stone”.


Blanket trees, mummy gussa papa happy, sun, ye escalator, parrot, tortoise, pizza ye mall hai, jungle”.


Story- Friends in the Jungle

Characters- Boy,sweet papa,angry mummy, stale pizza, raining, tress,

flowers in the Jungle.

Scene I

Scene II

2nd drawing- Where the Rabbit is giving injection to the lion. Lion has the stale pizza in his stomach.

Scene III

3rd drawing-

Lion, rabbit, tortoise and the boy become friends. They are holding hands. Ready to party with Cake (Spider- man cake), pizza and chocolates.

Sfurna: "I am making story character."

Parina: "Aa gadi lai ne animal aave che, aa bridge che."

Madhav : "This is rabbit this is tortoise this is lion this is tree this is mumma."

Kiaan: "Clouds tree, mumma, Vivaan tiger, lion."

Children's collective thoughts in the form of a common model blueprint

Creating prototype of their model based on the blueprint

Aaryahi: Bunny, tortoise, lion, papa, mummy, boy bana rahi hu”.

Parina: Flower banavu chu ane lion”.




Glimpses of making the model


Yellow paper ma eyes banvi chandlo che, box mai se kaat ke lagaya hai, eyebrow sketch pen thi draw kari, hair wool thi banavyu”.


Mummy hai, maine paper use kara ek red aur ek yellow aur ek stick”.

Assembling the model of the story

Final model

Friends in the Jungle

Friends in the Jungle

Once upon a time there was a lion who lived in jungle. The jungle was in Alpha mall. In jungle it was raining. He was feeling cold so he wore a jacket. Then he took a red blanket and covered himself and he slept. Mummy, Papa and boy came to the jungle . Mummy said "Namaste, Hello all. How are you all?" Papa asked "Do you want to eat pizza and choclate?" Rabbit said "Yes" Tortoise said "Thank You". There they gave them pizza and chocolates to lion, tortoise and rabbit. They ate and tortoise said "Thank you and I love the pizza " Boy said "Welcome". Lion ate pizza and said it is tasty pizza thank you". Suddenly lion's stomach started paining. Lion said my stomach is paining." Its was a stale food which the boy bought for them. Rabbit said "What happen lion?" Lion said "My stomach is paining." Rabbit said "Why stomach is paining ?" lion said "I ate pizza". Then rabbit gave medicine and then injection to lion. Lion shouted "Aahhhh".

Mumma heard his voice and asked "What happen to you?" Lion said " My stomach is paining and rabbit gave me medicine and injection". Mumma understood because of pizza it happen. Mumma called boy and started scolding " Why you gave them stale pizza ?" boy said " Sorry , I will not do like this, by mistake I have given them stale pizza." Papa sweetly said to boy" next time be careful when you get anything". Then boy said "Sorry to everyone, by mistake I gave you stale pizza". Lion said to boy "Its okay" and forgive the boy. Then tortoise said "Lets do party" and he got cake and chocolates. The boy saw and said "Please can I also join this party". Lion happily said "Yes sure you can join, we are friends".

Creative expressions of children

Self made Stories



Telling a story of monkey and the plant



Let's listen to a very unique story of a Fairy and a monster

Self made rhymes


Vaarush and Waamik

This self created rhyme by Vaarush and Waamik depicts their love for the family.



Naksh expressing his likes in this self created rhyme.

Self made riddles

Sfurna: "Who tells a story? "

Parina: "Lion and the mouse ki kai story hati? "

Madhav: "Which story is that in which jungle hai, animals hai and boy hai? "

Aum: "I am one bird, and my 3 little friends who am I? "

Naksh: "Who carries mountains? "

Anvit: "I am the little girl who eat porridge of baby bear who am I ?"

Shivaksh :"Jungle mai mogli rehta tha which story is this? "

Haksh: "I am little boy I am so strong I wore orange lungi? "



Watch the video and solve the riddle!

Naksh sharing his experience of stories project