Phase 2

Phase 2

In phase 2 children got to know more about different genres and elements of the stories. Children gathered more knowledge by visiting a bookstore virtually and interacting with a story teller. They were introduced to different authors and their style of writing which helped them to visualize and create their own stories.

To give children better understanding of different types of genres they had a virtual trip to a bookstore 'Latitude' where they saw different books. They got to explore fairy tales, mythological books, comedy books, scary books and autobiography.

Pre-discussion of the virtual field visit

Panthi:"Muccha sing kim funny story hai.”, Can you think of a story hat was little scary?

Dhruhi: “Giant was kind. Story mai broom hoti hai. Witch hoti hai.”

Dhruhi: "Fables.”

Shanaya: "In the library books spider is the main character of the story. In the story caterpillar, hungry eat apple, cup cakes.”

Anant: “It was gruffalo in the story, mouse .”

Panthi:"Dog, cat , frog and bird colour is green.”

Shanaya: “Hen wali story hoti hai, little red hen.”“Ant and the grasshopper friendship story.”, “Three little pigs, they are hard working also brother.”, "Friendship story I like.”

Dhrit:“Busy spider.”, “Hungry caterpillar.” , “Tom and Jerry story.”,

Jiyansh:“Little pig in story, they are hard working.”

Foina: “Fairy tales mai princess hoti hai, “Cinderella, frozen , prince cinderella ko new dress deta hai.”

Shivansh:“ Fairy in Cinderella ko magic se dress di thi.”,

Panthi:“Fairy could not listen.”, “She is witch, broom hai.”

Sharnya:“Fairy tales ki story hai.”, “Jack and the ban talks mai magic hot hai.”

Dhruhi:“Jaadu wali story.”When the ladybird heard.”

Navyansh:“Aladdin ami magic hot aahi. Aladdin mai magic lamp tha.”, “Sudama story on."

Fiona:“Fairy tales thi.” “Jungler tha.”, “Saare character helpful the“,“Turtle and rabbit,magic.” friendship kisstory hai.”,“Busy spider, hard working tha.”, “Woh web banaan ek liya busy tha.”

Meera: “Magic stories.”

Abhay: "Fairy, little red hen.”, “He ate a leaf.”

Glimpses of Virtual Field trip to Latitude Bookstore

Children got chance to see mythology story books.

Children exploring comic stories during virtual field trip

Exploring stories which has morals.

Children also came to know about Biography

Talking about fables

Reading corner which has different elements of the stories drawn on the wall.

Children exploring different fairy tales

Rack full of storybooks of different genres

Tally marking of different genres during the virtual field trip

Representational drawings during the field trip

Fiona: "I draw girl and dog."

Dhruhi: "Fairy tales story book, rainbow book, unicorn book and cat."

Meera: "I made racks with books."

Panthi: "I drew mythology story book ."

Drawing of “ LATITUDE” as per the field trip observations done by Shivansh

Bus shape storybook of peppa pig along with the wheels drawn by Nivaan

Jiyansh : "I drew latitude bookstore."

A storyteller, Ms Priti Shah interacted with children and helped them to understand the five elements of stories.

Mrs Priti Shah talking about different elements of stories like characters, setting, problem and solution by narrating story.

Priti Ma'am narrated the story "The Little Red Hen" using different props

Also she narrated the story, "Once a Mouse"

Children recalled their experience of Latitude Bookstore and Resource person

Shivansh: "Latitude book store we see many many books. Mythological stories, fairy tales , fables, encyclopedia and biography and a funny story comic.

Fiona: "We see bookshop, Ganpatibapa ki story, Peppa pig, biopic ki book thi Gandhiji ki aur Abdul kalam ki. Aur Eric Carle ki stories mein insects hote hai. "

Sharanya: "Preeti ma'am stick puppet se story sunai thi"

Children had a fair idea about genres and elements of stories. They did an in-depth study about the works of two authors "Eric Carle' and "Julia Donaldson" to get more clarity about deciding how a theme is selected and a how a story is woven around it.

Exploring stories by Eric Carle

Kayra:“Is story mai caterpillar , ladybug hai.” , “Fables story.”, “Gorilla is there.”, "Aur lady bug.”, “Jungle ke character hota hai.”, “Fables ki story hote hai.”

Shanaya:”Spider is the main character of the story.”, “In the story caterpillar.”, “Hungry eat apple, cup caps,.”

Shanaya:”Spider is the main character of the story.”,  			  “In the story caterpillar.”, “Hungry eat apple, cup caps,.”

Shivansh: "I have story book of caterpillar."

Children talking about the characters in fables.

Nivaan: Caterpillar house cocoon.”

Sharanay: “Bear, ladybug.”, “Hen, dog ,mouse. Hen was the main character.”, “I like spider, web and pig, because spider is hard working.”, “Animals in the story.”, “He went to one house.”

Anant :“Latitude book shop, books we see, animals, wolf, on the wall.”, “In the forest.”, “In the night we see some dogs.”, “But sometimes we see a cat.”, Jack and the beanstalk.”, “Author writes story, illustrator.”,, “Field, there was nobody to help her.”, “At the end hen has given bread to everyone.” "The baker, to the miller.”, “I have brown bear book.”

Dhruhi:“Fables.”, “Kishan, bal ganesha mythological.”, “Illustrator.”, “I saw a rainbow.”, “Brown brown bear it’s me yes.”, “animals we find in the jungle.”

Jiyansh:“Spider.”, “cow like, because uskai colours the.”

Abhay: “Fairy, little red hen.”, “He ate a leaf.”

Dhrit:“Story outside.” , “Spider bahut busy ho gaya.”, “Cocoon.”, “spider busy hato.”, “Days ene apple khadhu.”

Shivansh:“Latitude bookstore, we see many, many books.”, “Mythological story, fairy tales, animals (Fables), Encyclopedia and biography, or funny story comic.”, “Fables usmai animals. talk karte hai,” ,“Fairy tale smai magic hota hi, casels mai prince and princess rehte hai.” , “Priti ma’ came for a story.” ,, “Once a mouse ma’am.”, “I have a book see ma’am hungry caterpillar. ”His stomach was paining.” “Eric carle.”, “In the farm.|”, “Fables story usmai, animals baate karte hai.”

Meera: “Caterpillar grow , six character in the story, mouse.”, “Farm.”, "Ladybug, caterpillar, elephant.”, “Brown bear,”

Fiona: “Book shop, matashree, ganpati bappa ki story, peppa pig, boypics ki book thi Gandhiji ki. Abdul Kalam”, “five character the caterpillar.”,“Fly eating spider.”, “Eric karele ki tory mai insects hote hai.”, “Hehad too much, stomach pain hua.”, “Hungry caterpillars mai one character and busy spider more characters."

Devasya: "Snow white.”, “Krishna’s story, aur ganu dada ki, Bhagvan ki story. Mythological.”, “Eric carle ki story mais aare character different hote hi.”, "Story jungle mai hoti hai.”, “colour book.”, “spider house web.”

Nivaan: “Cinderella.”, "He was hungry, apple khaya, pear.” ,

Exploring stories by Julia Donaldson

Anant: “Fairy tales, ”, Giant has given his tie to a giraffe feeling cold.”, “Goat was in trouble.”, “It was gruffalo in the story, mouse “The name of the fairy Bassey bell.”

Sharanya: “Dog ko belt diya.”, “He gives a shirt to the goat.”

Shanaya: "I am fairy today. ”She dressed up like fairy.

Jiyansh:"Giant help animals.”

Navyansh:“Big giant was the main character.”

Dhruhi: "Giant was kind.” “Story mai broom hoti hai.” , “Witch hoti hai.”

Foina: "Eric Carle ki baat ki thi.”, “Fable ki baat ki thi.”, “Fairy tales mai princess hoti hai,” “cinderella, frozen , prince cinderella ko new dress deta hai.”

Shivansh: “Fairy in Cinderella ko magic se dress di thi.”, “I like Gruffalo giant.”, Gruffalo ke big big joes hai, teeth hai ,nails hai.”,

Meera: “Giant was big.”, “Problem tha usko shoes nahi mila tha.”

Panthi: “Fairy could not listen.”, “She is witch, broom hai.”, “Dog, cat , frog and bird colour green.”

Devsaya:“Holland city in story.”, “doll ki picture hai, doll ke hath mai jadu ki chadi.”,“Freddie hai.”, “Ma’am maine story book dekhi hai.”,“Which jaadu pe baithi hai.”

Dhruhi: "This is story of lady bug."

“It was Gruffalo in the story, mouse .”

Comparing the themes of different stories to decide upon the theme for their own story

-By Group 1

Children did tally marking with the help of the teacher for deciding the theme of the story. After that children of Group 1 came to common decision and chose being helpful as a theme for their story

Shanya: “Ma’am I like hard working.”

Sharnya: “Fairy tales ki story hai.”, “Jack and the bantalks mai magic hot hai.”, “Hen wali story hoti hai, little red hen.”, “Ant and the grasshopper friendship story.”, “Three little pigs , tehya re hard working also brother.”, “Friendship story I like.”

Dhrit: “Busy spider.”, “Hungry caterpillar.” , “Fairy helping story aur magic.”, “Aur puppet bhi saath mai rakhenge.”, “Tom and Jerry story.”, “ Happy friendship day.”

Dhruhi: “Jaadu wali story.”When the ladybird heard.”

Jiyansh: “Little pig in story, they are hard working.”

Navyansh: “Aladdin ami magic hot aahi. Aladdin mai magic lamp tha.”, “Sudama story on friendship.”, “Hanumanji sabki help karte hai.”

Riyansh:"I like magic theme.”

Abahy:“Super heroes batman , spider man all are helping

Anant: "The smartest giant in the town.”, “Room on the broom.”, “One people couldn't take out turnips for the down.”, “Super heroes.”, “Superheroes are being helpful.”

Tammana:“Hanuman ki story achi lagti hai.”, ‘sab ko help karte hai.”

Deciding the characters of the story

Jiyansh: "I drew captain America."

Navyansh: "This is hut aur baju mein Hunumanji hai ."

Shanay: "3 characters"

Abhay: "10 characters, ok 4 characters."

Anant: "6 characters, Gruffalo."

Navaynsh:"6 characters “Mai 6 characters banana chahta hu.”, “Abhay 6 rakho.”, “6 hojayega.”,“Ok four characters.”, “Ram, Sita, Lakshamn aur Hanuman.”, “Hanuman is powerful character.”, “The legend of Hnuman.”

Dhruhi: "4 characters “Abhay 4 characters is enough.”

Riyansh:"3 characters."

Dhrit:"5 characters “Muje 5 character chahiye, kyu ki muje 10 bahut sare bana ne padenge aur late ho jaati hai.”

Tammana: "3 characters “Elephant rakhna hai."

Jiyansh: "7 characters."

Sharanay: "4 characters. “I like 4 characters mai jyada nahi banungi.”, “Haath dukh jata hai.”,“Ma’am I want princes as one character.”, ‘I want pig.”

Anant: "Ok 4 characters. “Batman, Iron man we will make.”

Deciding the setting of the story

Riyansh:“Princess will live in the castle.”

Children finalized the problem, solution and the title of the story

Anant: “Last we shared about the story charactersCaptain America put on the bandage.”, ‘He has given suggestion to superman rescue the princess.”

Sharanay:“Woh castle tut raha tha aur captain Amerika use save kar raha tha. Hanuman ji n captain america ko bheja. Castle tutne ki awaz aai. Phir jungle mai elephant grass khane gay to wahape fire ho gai.”, “Phir Hanuman Ji ne bachay elephant ko, pipe se paani dal ke.”, “Hanuman ko captain amerika ko bulaya.”, “Super heros rescue the princess.”, “Story divide in to three part beginning, middle and end part.”

Shanaya: “Captain America repair the castle.”, the title will be "Superhero princess.”

Tammana:“How superheroes rescued the princess.”

Dhruhi:"Story ka naam princess hona chahiye.”

Jiyansh: “Superhero in the jungle..” Jr KG D is author of the story

Riyansh: “Captain America save the princess.”

Shanaya: “Elephant in the jungle.” “Elephant eating leaf.”

Comparing the themes of different stories to decide upon the theme for their own story

-By Group 2

Children did tally marking with the help of the teacher for deciding the theme of the story. After that children of Group 2 came to a common decision and chose magic as a theme for their story

Devasya: "Bada sa turnip tha.”, “Ma’am mythology. ”Krishna and Sudama friends the.”, "Hardworking.”

Shivansh:“Ma’am maine jo story woh poor man tha ek uske paa tha, ma’am smartest in the giant helpful tha.”, ‘My favourite theme is family and mythological.”, “Funny.”

Nivaan: "Muccha sing kim funny story hai.”, “Being helpful.”

Panthi: “Giant was helpful.”, “Magic.”

Fiona: "Fairy tales thi.” “Juggler tha.”, “Saare character helpful the.“, “Turtle and rabbit, magic.” friendship ki story hai.”,“Busy spider, hard working tha.”, “Woh web banaan keliye busy tha.”

Meera: "Magic stories.”

Aarya: “Crow was thirsty.”, “My favorite is magic.”:

Aarya: "I made mountain, river, house and tree."

Nivaan: "Made fairy's cottage with lego's."

Deciding the characters and setting of the story

Devasya:"4 characters “I agree with you 6 characters.”

Kayra:"3 characters “Muje Panthi se abat karni hai.” “Bahut kuch mix ho jayega.”, “Fire hua tha.”, “Home mai fight hua hoga , I want this, I want that, isliye fight hua hoga.”, “Caste mai fire hu tah to fire aur paani saa th mai aa raha tha. , phir sara fire cloud mai chala gaya.”

Panthi: "6 characters “Muje 5 chahiye.”, “Shivansh ko 6 honge to confusion hoga to 5 hi hoga.”, “

Nivaan:"5 characters

Fiona:"3 characters “I am also with shivansh.”, “ 5 chalega,”

Aarya:“5 jyada characters honge to maja nahi aayega.”, “Tum 5 leleo to jayda maja aayega.”

Nivaan : ” I am with you Shivansh.”

Shivansh:“I want 6 character “Six hone chahiye, six honge bahut sare log hong, Mujhe kuch story mai dala , Panthi ko kuch chahiye to woh kuch dalegi, kisi ko kuch aur dalna hoga to woh dalenge , aise aise karke 6 characters se hamari story ban jayegi.”, “Hamris troy ke liye 6 characters chiye 6 waalis tory jyada interesting hoga.”, “Jisko six chahiye woh hath utha karo.” , “Hu 6 banayenge to ek villain hoga, ek fairy hoga, ek hero hoga,

Meera: "2 characters ."

Fiona: "Prince and princess live in the castle.”

Shivansh:“Prince and princess fire in the castle.”, “Monkey aur bad which in the jungle.”, “Bad which save the monkey aur uska pet bana dengi.”

Devasya: “Monkey jungle mai hoga.”, “Fairy in the hills station, cottage mai hogi, ek gahr ke ander.”

Panthi: “Jo jaad pe monkey reha hoga na woh jaad gir gaya hoga.”, “Monkey jaad ke niche dab gaya hoga.”

Nivaan: “Fairy hogai.”

Children finalized the problem, solution and the title of the story

Kyra: Mene banaya hai jungle isme bhot saare trees hai.

Shivansh: “We decide about magic theme.”, “Broom on the room mai magic tha.”, “I have one magic story donkey prints.” “Fairy v/s bad witch, kind hearted fairy.

Meera:“Cinderella rakhenge.”

Kayra: "Story ka naam tha princess and prince.

Nivaan: witch in the cave."

Fiona: “Witch ki sab ne help ki, witch gir gaya.”, ‘Fire bad witch ne lagaya tha.” She has given the title `magic in the fire naam rakhenge.

Devasya:"Jack and the beanstalk.” “Beans leke aaya to mumma ne daant diya tha, uski mumma ne beans fek diye the.” Tree gir gayi thi.”

Nivaan drew different characters like princess, bad witch, fairy and monkey

Children depicted their thoughts by moulding the clay

Dhrit:"Gruffalo story meh jo mouse tha woh mene banaya. "

Jiyansh: "Aa mouse che ane aa broom che."

Navyansh: Ma'am yeh Giant mene clay se banaya hai.

Dhrit: Yeh spiderman hai. Yeh na bhot upar se jump kar sakta hai

Fiona: Maine room on the broom ki cat banai

Shivansh: Ma'am I created the gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Riyansh made Batman,Batman’s car,Batman’s remote

Anant: "Superman is very strong ."

Abhay: "I made Bessie Belle the fairy ."Freddie the boy, Magic wand ,Carrot and Freddie wishes for a Parrot and gets a carrot instead.

Fiona: "I made forest for caterpillar ."

Sharanya: "I made story "The three little pigs."

Self made stories by children


Gruffalo ka beta hota hai, uska jo gruffelo ka beta hai. Freddie hot and fairy. hai woh sui paati hai, woh sun nahi payi hai jab fredidi ne dog manga to fairy ne usse frog diya, Jan usne rabbit mana to usne kuch aur de diya. Phir ke mamma thi sune kaha ke fairl ke samne bolo piche se nahi boa to unko sunai dega. Aur mooh pe haath cover karke nahi bolo.


Ek gaav mai ek ladki us ladki ka nam shashi aur shinea, woh uske gahr jaa rahi thi tab uski dadaji kaha ke kaha gai thi, to usne juth bola waha mai Peris gai thi. Phir ek gaav ami ek pakshi rehta tha. Aur phir usne kaha haathi ne bahut kahajne chupaye rakhe the jungle mai. Phir ek sahare raaja saaya aur packshi ne kha sher raja aao aao.”


One day there is one bat walking and fighting, and Batman falls down from the bike , his bike falls down. His bike and car fall down and from the bike superhero taking abt man and saves him. And superhero and batman goes up to meet the sun and moon. Then superheroes and abt man go to the doctor.


One boy whose name is NavaynshAnd choti si girl thi uska naam tha Saanvi. Varsad pada. Then I saw a rainbow on the down. And rain stop end.


Ek lion hatu, ek mouse , lion ne mouse avi to lion mouse ne khai gayo, Other lion was sleeping, mouse was alo sleeping.

Sharanya 🤩🤩: "Once upon a time there was a fairy land. So many beautiful fairies staying there . Nastya 1, nastya2, nastya 3. Unke bich me ek bar Chhotasa jhagda ho gaya!! I will eat this apple ,other said I will eat this apple!! Because there was only one apple. Then the mother fairy came and she said we will cut the apple in peices n every body will get an apple!!! "

The very hungry caterpillar illustrated by Abhay.


  • I am a story in which there is an ant and a dove and which genre am I? (Ant and the dove) -Jiyansh, Meera, Kayra, Nivaan,

  • I am very busy making a web? Which story am I? (The very busy spider) - Jiyansh,Meera, Kayra, Nivaan,

  • I am very hungry and I ate so many things and then I became a butterfly? (The very hungry caterpillar) Dhruhi and Anant,Meera, Kayra, Nivaan,

  • What type of story am I in which magic happens? (Fairy tales) Navyansh, Meera, Kayra, Nivaan,

  • What type of story am I in which lord Ganesha is there? (Mythological)- Abahy, Meera, Kayra, Nivaan,

  • Who am I who writes the stories? (Author)- Navaynsh, Meera, Kayra, Nivaan,

  • Who am I who creates colorful pictures in books- (Illustrator)- Sharanya, Fiona, Dhrit


Self made rhymes